FYeah, NaNoWriMo!

Hey, WriMos!

How many of you are also doing Screnzy?  We’re on the eve of the kickoff!  This blog probably won’t be as active with Screnzy Stuff as it was with NaNoWriMo stuff, but as long as I’m doing Screnzy myself, I thought I might see if we could see how many were doing this one, too.

And to those of you who are, best wishes with your scripts!


  1. thelibraryofsarah answered: I am! Though I’m a rebel- I’m writing a novel, and I’m so excited!!
  2. fictionandfilm answered: I am!
  3. acciobarnes answered: I am!
  4. miserelysia-sedai answered: I’m still debating oAo
  5. lissomesimplicity answered: Yep, I’m Screnzying. I’ve always thought scripts are easier than novels, so we’ll see how this goes. =] Thanks, and you too!
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